Products That Will Make You Wonder How Have You Been Living Without Them

1. This WiFi range extender so you can work/study in the furthest and quietest corner of your house without losing connectivity – ₹1,399

2. This no-touch hand tool that you can use to open doors, drawers and to touch buttons without reaching for the sanitizer 500 times as you navigate the outside world – ₹349

A person using the no-touch tool to press buttons in an elevator.

3. This tracking tile that you can attach to your keys, wallet, luggage and even pets and track them through the tile app that not only lets you ring the tile but also keeps note of where it was last seen – ₹3,599

The tracking tile attached to a keyring.

4. This reusable cleaning goop that can reach all the traitorous corners of your keyboard, remote or camera and get rid of tiny specs of dust and crumbs in no time – ₹449

A person using the neon green goop to clean a keyboard.

5. These silicone pinch grip mittens that can handle heat up to 482°F. They also come with little magnets on the inside that cling to metal utensils and reduce your risk of dropping them – ₹219

6. These best-selling silicone gloves with bristles that you can use for literally anything that requires any intensity of scrubbing – washing dishes, bathing your pet, cleaning tiles and even cleaning vegetables – ₹299


7. This pair of cut-resistant gloves comes with the promise of a significant reduction in the number of kitchen casualties – ₹396

8. This super nifty lantern (bronze) that operates on TWO sources of energy – rechargeable batteries (that you can charge through your phone too!!) and solar power. There is literally no way it won’t turn on during an emergency – ₹446


9. This battery tester that will tell you if your cells are still in working condition instead of beating the living daylights out of your remote – ₹340

10. A pack of 3 RFID sleeves to keep your credit and debit cards, driving licence, and even passports safe from electronic pickpocketing and data theft – ₹249

11. An adjustable shirt-folding board that will offer you the most results without putting in any efforts at all – ₹699 (MRP ₹1,199)

Get it here.

12. These bed suspenders that will keep your bedsheet from rumpling up too much, even after you spend the entire night turning and tossing – ₹449

13. This rechargeable anti-mosquito racquet because boy you know, every evening is party time for these little troublemaking vampires – ₹474

14. These refrigerator mats (pack of 6) so you don’t ever have a messy fridge and all you need to do is wash/wipe the mats every once in a while – ₹199

The mats pictured inside a refrigerator.

15. This microfibre floor cleaner that comes with an in-built spray so you won’t have to lug around a heavy bucket anymore – ₹625

16. This set of 3 microwave-safe stackable containers that are super nifty not only for storing leftovers but also for meal prepping. They come with a four-point locking system and silicone lids that keep food fresh for longer – ₹579

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