Issues we are able to do for a greater world – Chico Enterprise-Report

We celebrated Earth Day a couple of weeks in the past and Endangered Species day was yesterday. Twelve useless whales have washed up on SF Bay seashores this 12 months. What will we do? Our migratory birds are in disaster, over 50% of reefs world-wide are useless. We’re constructing land-based fish factories as a result of oceans are overfished. Our native salmon and north state abalone are dying out.  We’re in excessive drought, fires are devastating our forests. COVID killed thousands and thousands of us. Local weather change is actual. What will we do?

Scale back, Reuse, Recycle. Devour much less, purchase much less, use much less is primary. Particularly plastic. Reuse and purchase used. Many issues can be found second hand. Recycle all the things and demand and purchase recyclable merchandise.

Refuse single use plastic. It’s unusual at first! No thanks – I don’t want that straw, cup, fork, styrafoam container or plastic bag. Convey your individual. Purchase in bulk.

Stroll, bike, purchase an electrical automotive or hybrid (they’re accessible used too). It’s enjoyable to wiz by gasoline stations. Exchange these AWD or 4W drive vehicles, they guzzle gasoline.  Set up photo voltaic, line dry garments. Put on garments an additional day! Refuse pesticides and herbicides. Exchange your garden, preserve water.  Go Natural, go vegetarian or vegan. Even for sooner or later per week!

There’s SO a lot we are able to do. No resolution is ideal, however there are many options to select from. Really feel empowered. Love your fellow people, the Earth, and her creatures. It’s our legacy for our kids and grandchildren. We will.

— Patricia Puterbaugh, Chico


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