10 Kitchen Products That Are Totally Worth The Investment

1. This electric coffee bean grinder so you can make delicious fresh ground coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen – ₹3,390

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2. This roti maker for anyone who eats rice everyday only because it’s the easier option – ₹2,151

3. This juice maker so your fruits and vegetables never go to waste again – now you can just make drinks out of them – ₹10,270

4. And this smoothie maker with a detachable cup, so you can be healthier AND have lesser dishes to clean – ₹6,999

5. This atta and bread maker that does everything from kneading, fermenting, to baking the loaves. All you need to do is put the ingredients in and wait for your delicious freshly baked loaf – ₹6.499

6. This stand mixer that will make your life so much easier if you like to bake. It has eight levels of speed control and whisking, beating and dough kneading attachments. Also, can we take a second to appreciate that beautiful champagne gold colour 😍🍾 – ₹8,995

7. This ice cream churner for people who are bored of all the existing ice-cream flavours and want to express their creativity in the kitchen and experiment with different flavours – ₹4,873

8. This noodle and pasta maker that kneads, shapes and produces fresh 🍝 pasta 🍝 that is just *chef’s kiss* in minutes – ₹6,190

9. This OTG oven that’s great for anyone who’s just starting out with baking – ₹3,200

10. This instant pot that’s going to be any lazy cook’s favourite kitchen investment. You can slow cook, pressure cook, braise, steam and sauté food all in one place with just the click of a button and have lesser dishes to clean later – ₹8,990

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